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Glitter Bay, Barbados is a place that evokes all the senses... with its rich palette of tropical colors and amazing light. Vibrant, rich greens fringed by hot white sand and turquoise shallows is softened by coral pink reefs under a canopy of faultless blue skies. It’s a lifestyle that lazes and reclines, ebbing indoors and out.

Life here is about romance. Every room seems just an extension of a garden or a beach. Entertaining under the fattest
white moon with a fragrance permeating the air while tiny tree frogs serenade you. Everything here fills your senses.


The nine Royal Glitter Bay Villas are set in two blocks of one and two three-bedroom suites. All of the Eden Villas are designed as single storey. The buildings were designed so that some units jut out and others are set back, staggering the terraces or balconies. It gives more privacy and varying views.